Paper tracks

CIET welcomes full scientific and professional papers up to twelve pages that address the broad tracks of (1) of finance and accounting, (2) entrepreneurship, tourism and trade (3) information technology and engineering, (4) teaching and learning.

Paper topics include but are not limited to:

Track 1. Accounting and Finance

  • Accounting challenges and possibilities in the 21st century
  • Financial markets stability and economic development
  • Financial institutions in dynamic environments
  • Corporate finance and sustainability
  • Tax adjustment and optimization in local and global context
  • New developments in financial technology
  • Digital transformation of financial services


Track 2: Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship

  • The changing environment - business opportunities and threats
    • Overtourism
    • Special interest tourism
    • Tourism globalisation
    • Ethics in E – commerce
    • Marketing and distribution trends
    • Logistic in retail
    • Neuroeconomics and behavioural economics
    • Sharing economy
    • New generation of consumers
    • Business innovation
    • Family business           
    • Digital and social entrepreneurship
    • Strategic management
    • Sustainability  


Track 3. Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering

  • Practical knowledge in computer science and electrical engineering
  • Up-to-date solutions in electrical engineering and information technology
  • Information and intelligent systems
  • Digital economy
  • Electrical engineering application
  • Wireless communication
  • Mechanical engineering technologies and materials
  • Mechanical structures
  • Energy engineering
  • Environmental technology (Envirotech)


Track 4. Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning

  • ELT methodology and classroom applications
  • Strategies and techniques related to learning
  • Innovative practices in higher education and experiential learning
  • Higher education internationalization and cross cultural awareness
  • STEM education – challenges and opportunities
  • Mathematics Education for 21st Century Engineering Students
  • Quantitative Reasoning and Literacy