About Split

What to say about the city that is more than 1700 years old; about the city located in one of the sunniest parts of the Mediterranean with as many as 2700 hours of sunshine a year; about the town where, if you dig a little deeper you fill find a Roman amphitheater, as it was recently discovered during road works in the vicinity of the city center?

We can only repeat what the local people like to say: it is "the most beautiful city in the world".

Although the emergence of Split is associated with the construction of the Diocletian’s Palace from 295 - 305, recent archaeological findings indicate that this area was settled before the retired Roman emperor Diocletian decided to build his mansion here.

It is possible that this was one of the Greek colonies and due to its favorable geographical position, probably an Illyrian settlement. Besides the Romans and Greeks, the Byzantine Empire, Croatian kings, the Venetian Republic, Hungary Austrian Empire and Italy left their mark in Split’s architectural and cultural heritage. The Diocletian's Palace, including the historic city of Split built around the palace, was included in the UNESCO’s world heritage list in 1979.

Today, Split is the second largest city in Croatia and the heart of Dalmatia.
For a long time Split was as a transit city to the Dalmatian islands, but recently it has developed into a tourist center attracting more and more tourists who come specifically to feel this unique city. Split is an important economic, tourist, cultural and university center of this part of the Adriatic.

Split is also known for its famous athletes, Olympic medalists, musicians and artists. Inhabitants of Split say that it is not only the most beautiful but also the sportiest city in the world. It is a place where a lot of medal winners in almost all sports were born and raised. Athletes from Split won 69 Olympic medals and numerous medals at world and European championships in different sports.Anything I write about Split is a waste of words and paper, because there is never enough paper to write it all down.

Therefore, you have to come and experience Split in its glory at our CIET 2016 conference in June, 2016.

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